Friday, 30 September 2011

My woodland patch

I have made an area under my shrubs with hellebores and hardy cyclamen ,they are now all starting to show signs of life.

Along the edge heaucheras are planted out and come spring there will be a riot of colour.

I would love a carpet of cyclamen but they do take time to get established.

When the hellebores start to bud I shall post some photos.

I also have trilliums planted.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Coat of many colours

Autumn is finally here and I can now feel a chill in the air

Last year the changes on the leaves were so amazing to see. It was just like a coat of many colours.

When you go for a walk or a drive or even just a stroll in your garden, take a look at the leaves how they are now starting to change.

This is my Sweet Tea Heuchera. It is new to me this year. I shall take a photo each month to see how she performs.

I have a photo thread of all my heucheras

Monday, 26 September 2011

Orchids in Rebloom

I first got interested in Orchids after my husband took home fresh orchids while he was on a business trip to Singapore.

At that time I never had any orchids but now got many and this year I had one rebloom for the 1st time.

And now so thrilled all my orchids are in rebloom mode . Feel free to join us in my forum at

Its a beautiful hot September day so I have taken my orchids that are in bloom outside for some fresh air and a bloom feed.

Does anyone else put their orchids outdoors when weather nice?

I have attached my Orchid to look like a loop in the 1st photo.

Some more photos of my Orchids.