Saturday, 26 November 2011

Part 3: Animals Birds and Butterflies around the world

In this post I will continue sharing some of my animals, birds and butterflies photos from my collection. We’ll start with some photos taken by Loch Lomond ( earlier this year.

Out for a stroll with their family.

DSC02160It was such a pleasure to come across this family heading to Loch Lomond.



 At last finally made it to the water.DSC02166

We stopped for a coffee here and took some photos and the view was amazing.




Don’t know which type of ducks these are but had to share.


DSC02162 DSC02158

Loch Lomond



My husband came across these Canada Geese when in the Toronto area earlier this year.



Ducks at Peel Farm, Lintrathen Scotland.

DSC01379 DSC01377

Mum having a rest


  Came across these beauties in our local countryside while out biking.


Such a cutie

Hielan Coo


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Part 1: Animals Birds and Butterflies around the world

Here I shall post photos of many Animals, Birds and Butterflies that I found when looking back over my photo collection.

The first photo is of a Mandarin Duck. I just had to share this photo because the colours are amazing. These birds were happy wondering about in the grounds of the Palace in Lodz Poland. They are so beautiful.


I also came across this stunning peacock in the grounds of the Palace.


We came across this Northern Cardinal when we were visiting Williamsburg in 2005. I had never seen such a beautiful and vibrant bird before.


My husband went on a business trip to Tanzania and took back these amazing pictures of wild animals in their natural environment.

DSC01930 Zebras
DSC01903 Baboon
DSC01933 Gazelle
DSC01958 Rhinos
DSC01952 Buffalos
DSC01973DSC01970 Flamingos
These photos of birds of prey were also taken in Tanzania.

DSCF0015 DSCF0016

Finally, this Elephant on the move.


You can read part two here.


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Part 2: Animals Birds and Butterflies

Our Friendly Scottish RobinDSC00447  This was taken on one of our local walks 5th December 2010. I wonder when the snow shall arrive this year.


One of our local blackbirds having some lunch in the snow of 2010.


Spotted him eyeing up the talent on a weekend visit to Oban.



We often get a red squirrel pass through our garden. Here you can see him in action.




My husband and son came across this Highland Cow after a day’s hill walking on the Beinn ‘a’ Ghlo mountains near Blair Atholl.


Enjoying the view on roadside


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Monday, 7 November 2011

Part 1: Some of my Soup recipes

The weather has turned cold again and it is time to think about making soup.

Here I shall share some of my tried and tested recipes with you. They are all easy to make.

     Cauliflower, Red Pepper & Onion Soup

1 head of Cauliflower

1 Red Pepper

1 Onion

Vegetable stock and seasoning to taste.

A drop of Worcester Sauce.

      Pepper and Celery Soup

2 Peppers (1 Orange & 1 Red)

4 stems of Celery

1 Sweet Potato

Vegetable stock and seasoning to taste.

Sweet Potato & Leek

2 large Sweet Potatoes

2 large Leeks

Vegetable stock and seasoning to taste.

Squash & Red Pepper

1 Butternut Squash

1 Red Pepper

Vegetable stock and seasoning to taste. Sometimes I also add a drop of Worcester Sauce.


Method for all

Chop everything and sauté untill soft.

Add 2pt vegetable stock bring to boil then simmer.

Serve with crusty bread of your choice

You can either blitz or leave chunky.





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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Part 2: Driftwood Cap

Just finished another for a friend. Its so cosy using Aero Yarn. See my previous post here.



I am now making one the same for me with a blue button.

This yarn is nice and soft and cosy.

When I am finished I shall add another photo.

Its now frosty and cold here. Will be glad of the hat.


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Friday, 4 November 2011

Part 2: Heucheras - Coat of Many Colours

Last month I took photos of my Heucheras. Its so amazing to see how the colours are starting to change, even in just a month.

I only water my Heucheras when they are dry and let the elements of the weather do the rest. This seems to work well for me.



Lime Marmalade




Sweet Tea (this and Fire Chief have to be my favourites for 2011)

DSC07721 DSC07722

Blackberry JamDSC07723 

Key Lime Pie nice name hope its as good as the dessert. You can hardly see this one as its beneath all the leaves.


Purple Palace


Fire Chief (This has be my best for colour. WOW it has been stunning all season.)


I wonder how this one will look when I take the December photo, may even be under snow. I shall replant this into a larger pot in the Spring.


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