Sunday, 13 November 2011

Part 1: Animals Birds and Butterflies around the world

Here I shall post photos of many Animals, Birds and Butterflies that I found when looking back over my photo collection.

The first photo is of a Mandarin Duck. I just had to share this photo because the colours are amazing. These birds were happy wondering about in the grounds of the Palace in Lodz Poland. They are so beautiful.


I also came across this stunning peacock in the grounds of the Palace.


We came across this Northern Cardinal when we were visiting Williamsburg in 2005. I had never seen such a beautiful and vibrant bird before.


My husband went on a business trip to Tanzania and took back these amazing pictures of wild animals in their natural environment.

DSC01930 Zebras
DSC01903 Baboon
DSC01933 Gazelle
DSC01958 Rhinos
DSC01952 Buffalos
DSC01973DSC01970 Flamingos
These photos of birds of prey were also taken in Tanzania.

DSCF0015 DSCF0016

Finally, this Elephant on the move.


You can read part two here.


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