Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Garden Under Snow

It all started this week with the weather turning much colder.

We have had hard frosts for some time now but still no sign of now until late Friday night then it arrived.

Saturday 4th February

The Snow started at 8.00am UK time and snowed all day long. It was icy cold but this morning is not feeling as cold now.

Not sure if this a good sign or not. Maybe the calm before the next storm.

My Frozen Greenhouse Doors


 My Potted Magnolia which was starting to grow through the fleece is now under a blanket of snow.


This is our blueberry bush, hope get more fruit this year. DSC08262DSC08258

These are my Heucheras under snow DSC08257

One of my Camellias under the fleece and snow is full of buds.DSC08263

My raised bed under snow which is all planted with Spring bulbs.DSC08266

Skimmia before it got covered in snow.




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  1. Oh my, you sure did get some snow Kath. Hope those plants are going to be okay.

  2. Your garden is a veritable winter wonderland, Kath! You sure did get some decent snowfall.

  3. Yes we did get a lot of snow Linda and Bernie but no more but its still so so very cold.