Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hillwalking around Dumglow on Sunday

On the Saturday we had a

wonderful walk at Lundie Crags and wanted to continue walking on Sunday but heavy rain where we live.


So checked met office and found weather better in Fife which it was so here I shall share photos of our walk.


This is start of our walk around the loch


DSC00476 I had to climb this dyke to get over

DSC00481DSC00482 This is hill I had to climb and did get to the top


Looking back down at what I had climbed


DSC00484Half way 


Nearly at topDSC00489

View from top

DSC00996 Then walk back down


We had to walk through these trees to get back off the hillDSC00490


Nearly back out on to a path

DSC00493  DSC00495

This is where we came out

DSC00496  Now on long path outDSC00497Even saw a Rhodiedendrum 


Damaged TreesDSC00500




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