Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some of my orchids

I have been growing Orchids now for a few years and first got interested in them when my husband took a box of them home from a Singapore trip.
I was surprised to see how long Stemmed Orchids lasted. It was about 6-8 weeks.
I don’t buy cut flowers anymore and instead buy an Orchid plant. Now I am happy to say that I have mastered the art of orchids in rebloom mode.
This is one of my Dendodriums with a new flower stem growing.
This was a cutting I took.
Another Dendodrium. It is interesting to see the colour change on the foliage of this one.
Finally my new Orchid that I bought at the weekend.
new orchid
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  1. That is a beautiful orchid Kath. This is a plant that I have never tried to grow.

  2. What striking markings. Getting orchids to flower again seems to be quite a knack - I never could!

  3. I love the colourings on that orchid Kath isn't nature wonderful!