Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spring is not too far away

Here we are into February and we still have not had much of a winter as it has been rather mild.

There is snow on high back hills but nothing lower.

It is so nice to stroll in garden and can see what shall soon be full of colour. Even the Birdsong has arrived. I will share some of my photos below.


Aconites starting to appear


Galanuthus shall soon be open


Trillium a wee bit bigger


Hellebores binging to show to


My Spring Festival Camelia is in bud again now


What to look forward too - the tulip bulbs are pushing through the ground


Speckled Hellabore



And soon daffodills again



  1. I can't help but think winter will come and bite us hard Kath! I must thank you for showing a picture of the Trillium popping through the soil. The one I planted last spring is nowhere to be seen but at least now I know what I'm looking for.
    It's wet here today and glad you were able to get out and show us what's going on up there in your garden.

  2. The autumn/winter 2013-14 has been one of the mildest I can ever remember! It will most likely go down as the wettest & windiest since records began! At least today it's not raining! (Phew!) but it is still quite windy!

    I have Daffodils about to open on my balcony - this will probably be the earliest they have ever flowered! My Crocuses began flowering on the first day of February! Well before the Snowdrops which are only just showing signs of buds! But then they are doubles & they tend to flower later than singles. I have Tulips that are growing well although there isn't the slightest sign of any buds on them. As they are May flowering Darwins it's to be expected!

  3. We have the windiest and wettest winter since years in Holland. Today rain again, but temperatures are very mild, so when sun is going to shine we shall have lots of flowering springbulbs soon. Hellebores are earlier this year, but Camellias are still in bud. Don't hope on frost end of February and March.