Thursday, 22 May 2014

May in my garden

The garden has been so colourful and looking great and loads in bloom but now with all the strong gusts of winds sadly they wont last long.


Last blog the rhodies were just coming into bud as you can see here.

Golden Torch


Geisha Girl



Caroline Allbrook


Schneespiegel Compact Hardy







White Tree Peony in 2nd year just about open


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  1. So many glorious blooms on show! What a shame the winds will wreak havoc in your garden.

  2. It all looks lovely and I hope the naughty wind didn't ruin everything ! We have had torrential rain here, (Midlands) and it has totally ruined all the lupins.
    Can you tell me what the plant is in the photo above the white tree peony ? Is it a variegated honeysuckle ?

  3. Hi Kath, I haven’t been here for a while, nice to catch up with you and your garden again. I love rhododendrons and I still have one late in flower (Dopey). Loved your golden torch, would like to have it :-)

    Do you remember we talked about making fuchsia standards last autumn? I have two good ones growing now – growing like mad in fact! They are from Mrs Popple so growing very fast. I have got to the stage where I have cut off all side branches and kept all the leaves. Wasn’t too sure if I was allowed to let it flower this year so have been pinching off flowers as they have been developing, is that necessary or can it flower on the top this summer? They are around 55 and 45 cm tall by now, including pot – for some reason, one of the standards seem to grow faster than the other, although they started as exactly the same size.
    I also wonder if it is true that fuchsia standards are not hardy? Surely, if they are made form a hardy parent, why would they not be hardy as a standard? I don’t have a greenhouse so mine will need to stay outside no matter what winter we have … :-)
    I have added to my collection of fuchsias so I have got some new and interesting varieties. If you have a look at my ‘Plants in my garden’ page you can see them all. Have you heard of Fuchsi boliviana 'Alba' before? I hope I can grow it successfully, it is a tiny cutting still, but by next year…!
    Take care, Helene.