Sunday, 24 August 2014

Heucheras of 2014

It is some time since I shared my heucheras so here are some photos.

Some I have lost over the years but it has been great fun buying some new ones.

Plum PuddingP1060025



Solar Eclipse


Brass LanternP1060064

Blackberry JamP1060061

Green SpiceP1060063

Lost Label P1060065



Mistic MistP1060060

My Plant Theatre to hold some of my HeucherasP1060001

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  1. lovely selection of heucheras Kath, and the plant theatre looks really good. I have 3 different ones, but don't know the names of them ... one with green leaves, one with the plum coloured leaves and one that is a copper colour.

  2. Wonderful variety! I like all of them. I don't have much luck with heucheras in my garden. I moved them from place to place to find a spot which they'd love. I lost many plants and now, I have only 2-3 heucheras.

  3. You have a wonderful collection of Heucheras and I like the idea of an Heuchera theatre, because in my garden they always disappear after some years, especially in wet and cold winters. For next year that will be my last trial with Heucheras, a plant theatre!

  4. Thank you Linda Tatyana and Janneke .

    I have a big collection now of my heucheras and most of them I grow in pots.