Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Amaryllis Nymph in 2nd Year growth finally opened


It has been exciting to watch this amazing growth finally bloom since my last blog of its growth.


I had never grown one before never mind have the success of getting it to bloom a second time.

So I shall keep doing this every year to see how long I can keep her growing.

As you can see at the base there is another bud growing.


This was this morning



And taken again at 4pm



The leaves are so big. It has been growing so fast since January of this year - must be with all the feed of the summer of 2014 stored in the bulb.

I have one more called Black Pearl which was in Flower for the first time early Feb. It is now starting to loose its leaves. So I shall start the cycle again in May by re-potting then start to feed the bulb in May until October 2015 then let rest till January 2016 and start to water again. Watch this space.

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