Friday, 14 October 2011

Heucheras - Coat of Many Colours

One of my favourite foliage plants is the Heuchera. I have been steadily growing my collection of Heucheras over the past couple of years. I shall be taking photos every month of my Heucheras to monitor how the leaves change their colours throughout the winter. Here are some photos that I took recently and I hope you like them.
MARMALADE Last year Marmalade was my 1st Heuchera and after seeing it change through many different shades, I became totally hooked on them. It is amazing to see the colour changing on their leaves. These photos were taken throughout Autumn and Winter 2010/2011 and you can see the dramatic change from a dark green right through to a lime green with some red tinges. I’ve now cut it back to encourage new growth.
DSC03301 DSC03215


OBSIDIAN This one reminds me of dark chocolate.

FIRECHIEF This is a new one to me and the red has been stunning. I will keep a close eye on this one.

PURPLE PALACE It is now in the mode of changing colour. It was very nice throughout Summer.
BLACKBERRY JAM Another favourite of mine, the leaves shimmer in the sunlight.
I will update with new pictures in November when colour starts to change. Please feel free to leave comments. I’ve also got a thread that is dedicated to Heucheras on my forum: You are very welcome to contribute or view.
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Here we are in 2013 and its time to take cuttings from my heucheras and repot into fresh compos once the frost lifts.

I got more Shanghai in 2012 and Brass Lantern and planted these in between Lavenders.


  1. Wow...what a collection. How proud of you must be to have achieved this. It's all gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing with us..

    Gardening Kent

  2. I dont if my heucheras will survive they are all under a deep blanket of snow .

    Like all in my garden I think I may have winter casualities.