Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Glamis Castle Walled Garden Project

For anyone who does not know, my friend Karen and I have become involved in the restoration project of the walled garden at Glamis Castle (http://www.glamis-castle.co.uk/gardens.cfm).

Karen and I go on a Tuesday and a Thursday to volunteer. So if anyone is planning a visit, please come and see us up in the Walled Garden Project where we are helping the fulltime staff to restore the walled garden.

We have been sowing seeds in the Potting Shed and prinking out seedlings in the Glasshouse. Today we were hoping to make a start with planting plants for the making of a herbaceous border but it is on hold until the weather improves.

We and all the country are in middle of a cold spell with lots of snow, although its not been nearly as bad here on the East as it has been on the West. Pretty to see but I think it is time to see Spring blooms and new born lambs.

What a pleasure today it was for me to see 3 deer and they stopped and looked at me. I also saw the beautiful Highland Cattle. I didn’t have my camera to hand today, so maybe next time.

If you have never visited the Castle and gardens if you come to Scotland you must visit.

As you can see we have been busy.



We so loved this cloche and under here is pepper plants as we will be planting out a kitchen garden for the restraunt too.


This will be the herbaceous border.



The Arches look Fantastic now that they are painted black.DSC03656The Glasshouse where Karen and I (and of course our mascot Karens wee doggie Mollie) work and blether.


This is a passion flower which has come through the winter and is now in bud.


This is the kitchen Garden before planting up to help feed the restraunt at the castle.


The Compost Bins are amazing. This is a new project, so it will be interesting to see how the compost develops.


And these are some of the Orchids which I will be giving TLC.


I will be posting to this blog all through the season, so we are now all wishing

the weather will improve. As I said, you will see us working in the walled garden or kitchen garden throughout the season so why not come and say hi!



  1. This looks like a fascinating, interesting and really worthwhile project to be volunteering at. Looking forward to seeing the progress as the season improves.

  2. It certainly is Linda and once weather improves we will be like kids in a sweetie shop.

  3. What a playground Kath! You and Karen are so lucky getting in at the start and watching developments. I'm sure we all await new instalments.
    It will be a great record for you doing a blog. A useful reference.

  4. Oh yes it really is Angie .Yes Karen and I are so so lucky to get in at the start of the season.

    Thank you for your comment and look forward to when you visit .

  5. Wow, that is a lot of seedlings to plant out. And I thought I had a lot...
    I'm just beginning to get involved in a scheme here where I live in which volunteers do gardening in the properties of old or disabled folks who cannot do it themselves. You can grow veggies in someone else's garden. I think the idea is that you share the produce with the householder though!

  6. A long time, since I saw that garden. A huge challenge, but rather fun to volunteer there!