Thursday, 21 March 2013

Singapore Botanical Gardens & Gardens by the Bay Part 1

Hi everyone. I have just been on holiday to Singapore and would like to share some of my photos with you.

It was hot and humid 32deg and have come home to snow - brrrrrrrrrrrr cold. At least we have seasons that change although it was nice to be able to go out at night in light clothes.

Come walk with me in the Botanical Gardens.



And now many Orchids



DSC02449 It was so nice to dip my hands in here to get cooled down.






DSC02479  DSC02488

 On route to Gardens by the Bay, you pass by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is one of the many developments in this area that didn’t exist just a few years ago. You’ve probably seen it if you follow the Formula 1 races.

Each night there was a laser show from the top of the hotel that could be seen from anywhere in the vicinity.

And on top there is a swimming pool. It has an infinity pool that looks as if the water stops at the edge of the building. I didn’t go up but I believe the views of the city are nice.


You can see the Singapore Flyer below, which currently is the largest observation wheel in the world but that will soon be eclipsed by one in Dubai and other cities. I will share some pictures taken from the wheel in another blog sometime.




 This was inside the Flower Dome which contains plants from various areas around the world.


It was so nice to go in to the Cloud Forest Dome as it was nice and cool.



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  1. Lovely pictures Kath. I really enjoyed looking at them. It's been 3 years since I was last in Asia at this time of the year. It's wonderful to get the heat into those bones isn't it :)
    Those orchids are beautiful. We have a family friend who owns and runs a plant nursery in the Philippines and to see all the orchids and exotics ccertainly is a sight.
    Don't you think is weird that over here we have hothouses and over there they have cold!!
    For a perfect world eh?

  2. Wonderful photos Kath. We have never been to that part of the world so it is lovely to have a virtual tour.

  3. What an amazing place. I've never been anywhere in Singapore apart from the airport as we headed over to England. Maybe next time we will have to plan a stop over. The Orchids were magnificent.

  4. Thank you so much! The flowers are gorgeous, but I also liked the architecture!

  5. If any of you get the chance to visit Singapore its certainly worth a visit .

    Humid but after a few days you do get used to it.

    I am working on Part 2 to share more photos with you all.