Sunday, 14 April 2013

My New Purchases and a Wonderful Day Out

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It has been such a long winter so this was my 1st chance to go plant shopping. It gives me a lift and a buzz when I go garden shopping!

As the garden centre has a coffee shop, the first stop was a nice coffee to start the day. Now revived and ready to browse.

I have been wanting a new Camellia for some time but not to plant in the ground, rather to keep contained in a pot, so yes you know what's coming I need a new pot.

Spring Festival


New pot - I just love it.


I bought a miniature standard Lavender too.

DSC03840I potted it up with violas and I will plant something to trail down to compliment but not sure what yet.



After garden centre trip went for a nice walk here but we could not walk right round as part of it is still flooded, as you can see in the photo below.




After our walk it was getting close to lunch time so we headed over to Glamis Castle for Lunch and then another walk.

DSC02766 DSC02767
DSC02768 DSC02769


 Here we are 14th April and still snowdrops in bloom.

DSC02771 DSC02772
DSC02773 DSC02776
DSC02778 DSC02777

 Where I am a volunteer Gardener on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Then by this time it was after 3pm so we went back and enjoyed a nice Cream Tea where we had lunch earlier.

Come home to see my crocus in bloom.



And this is the end of a great day out where I couldn’t help but have the song Perfect Day going round in my head!


  1. What a lovely day out Kath. I have never heard of a standard lavender. I love the pot you chose for your camellia.

  2. A very good day by the sounds of things Kath. That's a lovely Camellia and those RHS pots are VERY nice :)
    Thanks for the wee stroll around Glamis again :)