Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Part 3 Glamis Castle Walled Garden Restoration Project

Following on from last week’s blog in the Walled Garden.

Another start to the week and its gardening day again. I had a nice drive down to the castle today, the sun was shining but still so very cold. Karen and I did manage to get some more planting done.

We planted the Roses around the arch and some Clematis. I took a Peony Rose and two Heucheras from my garden and got these planted.

Karen took from her garden Yucca Gloriosa and Phormium Tenax Variegata and has given them a home at Glamis. You are now starting to see a big difference in the borders with all the plants we have planted.

We can now start to see plants growing.




The Peony Rose I planted today. As you can see its already starting to show signs of growth.



We planted Paul Scarlet climbing Rose and Dark Eyes and Dr Ruppel Clematis. It will great to see the Arch covered in Roses and Clematis.


And at opposite side on the other arch we planted the Rose Golden Showers and Clematis Aotearon.



And again Golden Showers Rose and Clematis Mrs G Jackman and Madame Julia Correvon.


Passion Flower Growing in greenhouse.




  1. All sounding lovely Kath. A bit more heat and things will be moving on pretty soon.
    This is going to be an enjoyable series!

  2. I so hope you will be able to see it sometime Angie .

    Yes we so need heat its been such along cold winter.

  3. I love seeing new areas being planted up. It takes such vision and imagination in larger spaces and although those climbers look so tiny next to the arch, I sense that you are already seeing that arch smothered. I can't wait to see this develop. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. We got our photo taken for the castle website today where you can see us.

    Its a real pleasure making the blogs TGS,