Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A stroll in my garden before the rain

Things are starting to come alive in my garden after such a long winter.

Trilliums grow ever so well in my garden.



Trillium Erectum, they do grow so good in my garden as do the Hellebores.


This is my Daphene, the perfume is wonderful and she must be now 20yrs old.



My 1st clematis flower of the season.


Sarah Bernhardt never bloomed in 2012 for me but looks as if she will soon open.


Enicanthus is new to my garden. I bought her just before the Autumn so have seen the amazing colour of the foliage.


This is the fantastic soil my Mahonia grows in so I am going to under plant with Spring bulbs in the Autumn.


Nancy Evans  will soon be bursting into full bloom. This one is in my back garden and I also have one in the front garden. I wonder which shall open 1st…


1 comment:

  1. Hi, you are actually earlier than me on some of your plants, I haven't got any clematis flowers yet, and my rhododendron is not as close to flowering as yours!

    Love your trilliums, I'd like to have some more varieties in too, it's just that they are so expensive....and I have always wanted a Daphne, but where to put it?
    Happy GBBD!