Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Crochet Necklate finished

I guess you are now all wondering what a necklate is by now.
Its not a scarf as all you might think but its an accessory to wrap around your jacket coat or favourite sweater.

Lets first start with the Bohemia finished crochet hat which I decide to use the driftwood pattern which I love but still this yarn to think to crochet with maybe lends itself to be knitted with large needles but ever so warm.

Now the necklate I so love this is my very own design of a pattern .
It only has 3rows.
You can adapt the amount of stitches depending if you want a short necklate or longer.DSC07945Hard to see but the white yarn is glitter yarn and very effective.
I did use the rest of the Bohemia yarn for this and very happy of how it has turned out

And now for my Christmas necklate Selling pattern of necklate on Esty 

You really don't see the glitter effect but its tuned out just how I wanted  it

In progress Cranberrie fudge
After simmering add cranberries
Give a good stir to mix well
Spread mixture into a lined baking tray and chill for 24 hrs

So moorish if anyone would like the recipe happy to post on next blog

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