Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas Cake

When first married used to buy a ready bought Christmas cake .

As nice as they were well memory serves well and thought so at the time .


As years went past I started to make my own cake and for a number of years num have used family recipe that was passed down which I even modified and dried cranberries.

Everyone this year I choose to buy Mary Berry's Christmas Cake Pack

An excellent cake thank you


But I did add Brandy for a few weeks


Had taste on Christmas day was rather full to really enjoy but as you know a must have.

And as the cake matures the better taste it has.


What can I say about shortbread .

Melt in the mouth with added cranberries


And lastly homemade cranberry sauce



And was truly amazing cinnamon stick,fresh lemon zest ,brandy ,cloves and apple juice.

All this nice homemade food shall need to go for plenty walks everyone.

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